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If you have had unsafe sex, proper testing for STDs consists of ten tests: HIV tests for three different strains, two hepatitis tests, two herpes tests, and the tests for syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. We use the most accurate versions of these tests.

10 Test STD Panel

Doctors recommend the 10-Test STD Panel for people who have not tested in 3 years or have a new partner

$198.00 save $40

Standard STD Panel

Doctors recommend the Standard STD Panel for people who get tested every six to twelve months


Individual STD Tests

Doctors recommend Individual Tests for people whose partner tested positive or want a second opinion

$45.00 each test

Panel and Individual Tests
Optional Tests
Add the Early Detection RNA test if you have been exposed in the last 4 weeks.
Add Trich testing if you or a partner have possible chlamydia-like symptoms (itching, burning).
10 Test STD Panel$
Optional Tests$
Order Total: $
The total price for your order includes everything.

2. Select a Lab Location

New York and New Jersey do not allow you to pay online for your testing.
You will be liable for paying the lab directly.
Please call us at 888-496-1640 or chat with us on this site
to review your testing options.
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3. Choose a Time To Visit The Lab

We make sure the test center is ready for you and that your visit goes smoothly. You do not need to bring any paper or ID.

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I will call in to get my results and do not want them released online.

5. Enter Your Information

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If you prefer not to order online, please chat with us or call us at 888-496-1640.

6. Select Payment Method

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